Helping Nonprofits Help Others

The Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation is dedicated to programs and projects that promote financial literacy and independence among lower income individuals, families, entrepreneurs and small businesses. We donate Intuit software and resources to empower people, and the organizations that serve them, so they can achieve better money outcomes.

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Free Tax Help
For Clients

Help your clients prepare and file their tax returns on their own for free with TurboTax Freedom Edition, the product Intuit donates through the IRS Free File Alliance and 21 state alliances.

Small Business

Help your entrepreneurial clients manage their finances with donated Intuit software and free online resources for starting and growing their businesses.

Personal Financial

Help clients budget and manage their money with Intuit's personal finance software. Empower them to determine eligibility for EITC and other credits with our free online benefit calculators.

Products for
Your Nonprofit

Help to manage your nonprofit more efficiently. See if your nonprofit or B corporation is eligible to receive QuickBooks accounting software and other products for at little or no cost.

Products available for your clients and your organization:

Tax Assistance
Product Donation
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Hundreds of people have been helped through a TurboTax Freedom Edition project in Michigan. “TurboTax is easy to use, and it helps people claim the EITC, which can address huge economic problems in someone’s life.”

Joan Kauffman
Women’s Center
of Southeastern Michigan

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