Success Stories: Non-profit Profiles

Addressing the Hunger for Empowerment in New York City

For nine years the Food Bank For New York City has run the free Income Tax Service program serving tens of thousands of lower- to moderate-income individuals and families.

But if the Food Bank never saw most of the clients again, they’d be a happy.

Not because the Food Bank doesn’t care deeply for them; far from it. But because it would mean they no longer need the services the staff provide. It would mean they were empowered and had taken control of their financial future.
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Tax Clinic Empowers Low-Income Taxpayers in Jackson Miss

Mission First Ministry Shines as an Example of Dedicated Service to the Community

Mission First is an independent, non-profit organization that was founded in 1999 to meet the “spiritual, physical, mental, social and educational needs in the Metro Jackson area…
One of the ways Mission First helps is through a self-prep tax clinic using TurboTax Freedom Edition. Read full story »
Taking the Fear Out of E-Filing in Tucson

Taking the Fear Out of E-filing in Tucson

During tax season, patrons of the Quincie Douglas Public Library in Tucson, Arizona can do far more than take out their favorite book or DVD: they can take a significant step toward financial freedom. That’s because, from mid-February through mid-April, when they visit the library at designated times, they can take advantage of a free tax preparation service for Tucson’s low- to moderate-income citizens. Read more »
Back to Mission Control in Louisville

Back to Mission Control in Louisville

For a time, Eric Seto and the Louisville Asset Building Coalition learned the hard way that you can have too much of a good thing. Read more »
It's A Matter of Pride in Buffalo, New York

It’s a Matter of Pride in Buffalo, New York

Douglas Luke knows that in his line of work, numbers don’t always tell the true measure of success. Because when you’re in the business of empowering others, sometimes the signs of success are far more subtle. Read more »

Women’s Center of Southeast Michigan Uses TurboTax Freedom Edition to Empower Families

When Joan Kauffman was a 32-year-old single parent, she was in need of a little financial help. Though she was a knowledgeable college graduate, she knew nothing about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Read more »

TurboTax and Financial Literacy

Conquering Fear One Person at a Time
Fear is something Doug Borkowski, the director of the Financial Counseling Clinic at Iowa State University (ISU), is familiar with. …and he is all too familiar with the apprehension people have about doing their own tax returns. Read more »

Promoting a Tax Event Helps People

Tax Day in Iowa Helps Lower-income Families Claim Economic Stimulus Credit
Staff from the Intuit Financial Freedom Foundation traveled to America’s heartland in February for a public awareness and CBO (community-based organization) training session followed by a taxpayer assistance event. Read more »

TurboTax’s User-Friendly Software Saves Time, Generates Smiles at VITA Site in Sacramento

At Asian Resources, Inc. in Sacramento, Calif., volunteers have been providing tax preparation services o their community for 25 years. The good news: their considerable history means that Asian Resources, Inc. is fairly well known as a safe place to go… Read more »

Media Attracts Taxpayers to Compton Tax Event

Nearly 120 Families Prepare and File their Tax Returns at Local Community College
When Alicia Zambrano greeted a mother from San Bernardino at a tax preparation event at a college in Compton, California, in Los Angeles County, last month, she had to ask the mother of two why she’d come so far for tax help… Read more »
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Hundreds of people have been helped through a TurboTax Freedom Edition project in Michigan. “TurboTax is easy to use, and it helps people claim the EITC, which can address huge economic problems in someone’s life.”

Joan Kauffman
Women’s Center
of Southeastern Michigan

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